The 2012 Bathing Beauties Festival

Bathing Beauties Festival 2012 Brochure

The Bathing Beauties Festival fill the beach and the beach huts of Mablethorpe, Sutton On Sea and Sandilands with a wild assortment of artistic splendour; music, poetry, fire, performances, film and drama.



'The Sea falls in love with DELPHINE an eccentric Marine Biologist and tries to steal her away'.   Delphine will be shown at the Bathing Beauties Festival open event on Friday 14th September under the colonnade at Sutton on Sea

Vintage Teatime

Jessica Simmons

"Jessica Simmons is a freelance writer and author of The WI Vintage Teatime, a delicious and nostalgic collection of recipes for afternoon tea sourced from the archives of the Women’s Institute. Based in London, Jessica grew up in Lincolnshire and has fond memories of long summer days on Mablethorpe beach with her sisters, eating candy floss and too many chips"

Jessica will be at the Festival all weekend, find her in Beach Hut 116 on Mablethorpe prom!

Poetry Hut

Aly & Milk in the Poetry Hut

Join Aly & Milk in the Poetry Hut throughout the weekend for sea-inspired poetry, tea and chat!

Writing Workshops:(Suitable for ages 12+, Under 16's should be accompanied by an adult)

Saturday 3-4pm: Write Great Reviews - gain some top tips on writing snappy event reviews from Poetry Hut guest James Walker.

Saturday 4-5pm: Words from the Sea: Use your surroundings as inspiration in this friendly poetry writing workshop with Aly Stoneman.

Aly Stoneman is Poetry Editor at LeftLion Magazine, a commissioned poet for Lyric Lounge and winner of Nottingham Poetry Society's Poetry Slam 2011. Her poetry pamphlet Lost Lands was published in 2012 by Crystal Clear Creators. She performs landscape poetry with people and stories at its heart, accompanied by 'Milk' on acoustic guitar.

James Walker is Literature Editor at LeftLion Magazine and has been widely published in papers, magazines and journals including Route, Writing Magazine, The Independent, and BBC multimedia platform The Space.

LeftLion Magazine is Nottingham's independent bi-monthly Arts and Culture magazine with an estimated readership of 40,000 and winners of the Nottingham Creative Business Awards for Writing and Publishing 2009.

Memories of Mablethorpe

Catherine Dawn

Catherine Dawn studied Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University where she had a keen interest in film, costume, installation and working in the public sphere. She is currently working towards a career in the film industry. Catherine has been working with different theatre groups and on film projects in York since October last year. "Whenever I make a piece of work, the primary aim is for it to be relevant to its surroundings and the history and lives of the people to be its inspiration, The piece for the Bathing Beauties Festival is inspired by real life experiences from the people who have lived and worked in Mablethorpe. It will be snapshot of the past, which will hopefully ignite the publics own memories and contribute to some more being made"

Amy Briggs

Become illustrated into a 1950's bathing beauty! Choose from a selection of drawings including swim suit designs, choice of silhouettes and hair styles to create your look and Artist Amylee will create a fun retro illustration for you to treasure. No real swim suit needed!

Make your own Beach Hut Lantern

In this workshop participants can decorate their own tissue paper lantern that celebrates the iconic British seaside landmark the Beach Hut! The lanterns can be decorated in a variety of bright colours just as the real life huts so colourfully are. The handheld lanterns are lightweight making them great for little hands; participants may even want to join in with the parade taking place on the Saturday showcasing the lanterns which they made during the day. This workshop is great for children and even for the odd adult too!

Arts NK

artsNK will be taking part in this year’s Bathing Beauties Festival, offering creative fun by the sea, unveiling exciting new commissions and exhibiting plans for a new gallery and arts space on the East Coast.

Visitors will get a taste of what will be on offer in the new Coastal Observatory, with lots to do and see, in a number of beach huts, including an exhibition hut, showing the new, commissioned art works, a learning hut, with lots to discover and do, and a studio hut, where vistors can meet and find out more from some of the commissioned 'Curiosities on the Edge' artists.

“We decided to represent the range of things that could be in the new Observatory space. It’s not just about exhibitions. At different times of the year there might be an artist in residence, creating new artworks inspired by the east coast. At other times, there might be workshops or classes for people to have a go themselves and learn new techniques and skills.”

Allcock & Brown

Allcock & Brown

Allcock & Brown, stars of the Music Hall Stage, were guest performers at the Jubilee Big Lunch in Picadilly from where they were beamed live across the world via CNN and French TV (France 2). These inventors of music and purveyors of fun emerged from humble obscurity a mere two Christmases ago. Since then they have performed in dozens of venues such as the Royal Courts of Justice, Standen National Trust, Pensford Field and Leaverstock Green and have been regulars at Rochester’s Dickensian Events.



Deadbeats channel the sounds of 50s Rock and Roll, 60s Psychedelia and 40s Country into their melodic, catchy pop songs. Retro influences, but a sound that is all about now. Working as a three-piece they have energy and excitement. A touch of Beck, a smidgen of Hank Williams, a spoonful of Elvis and a slice of Buddy Holly, Deadbeats bring a very English feel to some very American influences and their music is perfect for a dance beside the seaside.

No Relevance

No Relevance

No Relevance are a five piece rock & indie covers band from Lincoln. Since hitting the Lincolnshire streets in April 2012, the band are building a strong reputation for energetic and engaging live performances that will get you up and dancing and singing along to the songs that you know and love. With everything from The Beatles through to Foo Fighters, there's something for everyone, so be sure not to miss it!


Shades are a five piece guitar and electronic band from Birmingham, influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Foals, Caribou, The Horrors and Aphex Twin - to name a few. Expect banshee guitars, rich harmonic landscapes, heavy synths and hard-working rhythms which will get your mind wandering, feet tapping and body moving.

Dave Simpson Trio

Dave Simpson Trio

The Dave Simpson Trio is a Blues Rock band from Lincolnshire playing songs from such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Healey. They have been gigging all over for years now and are excited to playing Bathing Beauties Festival again.

The Jungfraus


The Jungfraus are a five piece Manchester based band who play melodic psych-pop andenergetic garage music.They consist of principle songwriters and guitaristsJoe Levi and Mick Kenyon, bassist Ste Grimes, organ player Jonny Rathbone and drummer Liam Farr.The group have built a sound which is successfully both unique and accessible; writing catchy original songs which linger in the mind for some time after hearing.Formed around a love of sixties beat and psych music, they take inspiration from artists of the era such as the 13thFloor Elevators, the Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett and Love.Seeing the Jungfraus live is an entertaining experience, having two lead singers brings energy, excitement and a showmanship so often missing from modern-day po-faced indie groups, this combined with an undoubted style and charisma creates a live experience which lives long in the memory.


Micronormous is the project of Matt Eaton (Pram, Domino Records) and visual artist Scott Johnston (Filmficciones). The two have a longstanding collaboration, taking in live music, with Pram tours in the UK, Europe, Turkey and Russia, film, installation, and recently the multimedia show “Shadow Shows” which played Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2011.Micronormous live seek to communicate the disconcerting sense of the “other”, the exotic, the uncanny, the half remembered dreams that ripple through the waking world. Caught by surprise we reveal strange truths to ourselves, and it’s here that the group do their work, spinning tales of far and familiar lands.

Josh Davie

Josh Davie

Joshua Davie is a 21 year old acoustic musician, originally from Cleethorpes, now based in Lincoln. His main influences are Dave McPherson, Marc Halls and Frank Turner. Originally the rhythm guitar and then bass in a band in his hometown, Josh decided to go solo when he moved to Lincoln and has been playing like this for about two years.

The Shiznitz


Shiznitz are rabble rousing purveyors of stray dance and folk music. We write our own songs and play lively covers of three hundred year old chart toppers. Based in Yorkshire, England we are a five piece group. Expect frenetic banjo and fiddle, blistering Accordion and catchy songs, all played as if our lives depended on it and maybe they do…



A local folk band with Early Music and Eastern influences. Playing a variety of instruments including guitars, lute, mandola, flute, various recorders, crumhorn, violin, cello, bass guitar, tabla and other percussion instruments. Our music ranges from traditional to our versions of contemporary songs.

The Whale

The Whale

Enter the jaws of a giant silver whale to be serenaded by a lovesick submariner, and you might leave with a gift from the sea. A three-minute journey for one adventurer at a time (or two if you’re shy).

Spin Art Fun

Create your own ‘SpinArt painting’ to take home. Peddle our special bike and take turns to drip paint onto your paper then watch as a kaleidoscope of colour brings life to your SpinArt painting.

Are you old enough to remember going to the seaside as a child and making a SpinArt picture in one of the seaside shops? SpinArt paintings were very popular in resorts during the 1960’s and 70’s. I remember going to Butlins and saving my pocket money to make a SpinArt picture – this childhood memory inspired the creation of our SpinArt Bike.

Smoothie Bike

Make a fruit smoothie drink using your own peddle energy.

Melvyn Rawlinson Bicycle Tales

"Bicycle Stories: The Crab Who Went to Sea - the adventures of a shore crab washed out to sea at the height of a storm. Now out of his depth, he battles against great danger as he desperately tries to get back to his rock pool and the friends he misses."

The Amazing Dog Bike

The Amazing Dog Bike

A converted ice-cream vendor’s tricycle and tag-along bike. The freezer section of the ice cream trike has been transformed into a small proscenium arch theatre with 3 performing wooden dogs, and the tag-along has a robotic humanoid dog rider who pedals as the machine travels along. The performers cycle the machine along, stopping to allow members of the public to operate the performing wooden dogs using crank handles and switches.

This was originally made for ‘The Festival of Wonder’, international puppet festival in Silkeborg, Denmark November 2011 and is the latest collaboration between Johnny White and Amanda Wray who have been working together on arts projects for 17 years.

Two Eccentric Gents presents

Two Accentric Gents

Dr. Pandemonious Fish and his gentleman, Beardsley.

Around the World by Land, Air and Sea.

Join intrepid adventurer Dr.Pandemonious Fish and his beleaguered butler Archibald Beardsley as they attempt to circumnavigate the local area by land, air and sea. They are proud to possess all the accoutrements required for luxury travel including their own land-borne galleon. These two preposterous throwbacks from a bygone era will bring seaside frolics and the halcyon days of summers past to the bathing beauties festival


audiObscura uses sound technologies in innovative and original ways to create soundscape environments - setting the extraordinary within the ordinary.



Odalisque are a belly dance duo influenced by classical oriental belly dance of the golden era. Come and join them at their basic drum solo workshop with live drummer Woody, simple belly dance moves that everyone can have fun with. Shimmy, shake and smile! Or try the Shabi workshop, modern Egyptian street dance. Fun and upbeat with lots of energy and cheekiness.



HARMONY IS A PROMENADE SIDESHOW… which delights and enraptures all who come into contact with here. It is suitable for children an adults alike. It is an interactive piece whereby people can come and listen to the story of its creation and then have a go themselves. It produce amazing pictures of musical notes for people to take away with them

Hey hey were the Donkees!

Hey hey were the Donkees!

The Donkees are a ragged band of seven ex-seaside donkeys who are bent on making the musical big time!

Join Pinny, Trotsky, Shockwave, Dinky, Chompsky, La Carrotina and Elvis as they travel along the shores of Mablethorpe with their painted cart singing Donkey songs of hard work, carrots, and the joys of a good lie down. They have plenty of room in their cart for smaller travellers, so if you want to take the weight off your feet be sure to catch their musical Donkey tales.

Dave Wood

Dave Wood

Your Wandering, Professional Poet, Dave Wood, is ready to offer you a free poem for your delectation and delight. Each stanza comes carefully crafted with you in mind; fancy a rhyme or two about your holiday, something special for an anniversary? What about a love poem for that lucky so and so? Have a chat with Dave (look for the white coat!) and he'll cook something up with his ready to go biro.

Alternatively, if you'd just like to be read to, he has a bursting repertoire of poetry books on hand.

2012 Festival Gallery

2012 Bathing Beauties Festival Gallery

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