Bathing Beauties Festival - Accessibility Statement

The Bathing Beauties Festival is held predominately on the promenades at Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea both of which are accessible by ramped concrete main entrances and exits.

Most of the artists in huts are situated on flat flagged or concrete surfaces which are accessed by small ramps.   The artists usually spread their activities and goods for sale on tables or in the areas directly outside the huts, all of which should be easily accessible both for participation activities,purchases and viewing purposes.

The exception to this are the huts on Central Prom Mablethorpe which have stepped entrances and the access to these will be limited for wheelchair users.   Some of the Bathing Beauties huts have limited disabled access, although the Camera Obsura does have a small ramped entrance, these Bathing Beauties Huts can be viewed quite close up from the promenade.

The Main stages and the markets are easily accessible as they are on the flat wide areas of the promenade both in Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea.

There are some activities and installations on the beach all of which can be viewed from the promenade.

There is disabled parking at Queens Park Mablethorpe and disabled toilets at Queens Park Mablethorpe and Pleasure Gardens in Sutton on Sea.

We are more than happy to assist and help make sure your visit to the Festival is enjoyable and we welcome any feedback on how we can improve your visit to the Festival.

Please let any of the stewards (who will be clearly visible and name tagged either marshalling some of the areas or at the information points) know if you have any problems or require any assistance.

Karen Froggatt & Rachel Milner, Festival Coordinators.