The Bathing Beauties Beach Huts

The Bathing Beauties project was conceived by Michael Trainor in 2005 in response to his appointment by Lincolnshire County Council as lead artist on the Lincolnshire coast, UK.   His big idea, Bathing Beauties, put this superb partly forgotten 10 mile stretch of Lincolnshire coastline from Mablethorpe to Anderby Creek on the worldwide map with the launch of international competitions which took place in 2006 for artists, architects and designers to 'Re-imagine the Beach Hut for the 21st Century'.   The competition elicited one of the most exciting responses to any architectural competition this century, with over 240 incredible conceptual design structures from over 15 countries. You can find out more about the project on the Bathing Beauties website.

Our Bathing Beauties Festival seeks to use the same alchemy, exploring the traditions of our sea side through a high quality, innovative creative arts festival rooted in the East Coast and its coastal heritage.

Jabba The Hut

Jabba The Hut

Designed by i-am associates, London, UK.

Jabba re-interprets the idea of the beach hut by drawing on its more ancient predecessor; the cave!   This world's first contemporary cave is constructed from cedar wood, glass and colour anodised aluminium as sedimentary structural layers; which provide both an engaging shelter and create a dynamic spire rising above the coastline and providing breathtaking views out to sea.

Sadly this much loved hut has succumbed to the elements and been removed.

Jabba The Hut II

Jabba The Hut II

We are delighted that in 2015 a new interpretation of Jabba was installed in the dunes.  This new version is designed to be longer lasting and features an entrance and seating.  Lovers of art and architecture will love finding this strange structure hidding in the dunes almost as much as the children enjoying their beach holiday do!

Gazing And Canoodling

Gazing & Canoodling

Designed by We Made That, London, UK.

A beach hut for all romantics!   Conceived as a piece of furniture as an addition to the terraces of the coast, this inconspicuous black hideaway houses an indulgent interior with Canoodling Bench and Gazing Seat inviting hours spent in the company of an intimate companion.

Come Up And See Me

Come up and See Me

Designed by Michael Trainor, Manchester, UK.

Inspired by a gin and tonic, perfect for cocktail sipping at sunset.   This Bathing Beauty original is made of vitrified tiles, mirror, laminated ply-wood and galvanised steel.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

Designed by Feix and Merlin, London, UK.

A glamorous 'picture frame' hut designed to frame the landscape when open and give privacy to occupants when closed by way of a special one-way viewing mirror.

Halcyon Beach Hut

Halcyon Beach Hut

Designed by Atelier NU, Montreal, Canada.

Halcyon Beach Hut plays homage to the traditional form and is constructed from plexiglass and western red cedar allowing the transfer of light directly through the walls and roof.   As the sunlight fluctuates throughout the day, a fluid non-static atmosphere is created inside and when lit from the inside at night, Halcyon Beach Hut will transform into an abstract art object, creating a glowing beacon.

(photo taken from

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura

Designed by Willett and Patteson, Lewes, UK.

An amazing new Bathing Beauty based on the popular Victorian attraction; a darkened chamber with a moveable lens and mirror through which live images of the coast are projected onto a viewing surface.   Ideal for photographic enthusiasts, or just the plain curious.

Cloud Bar

The Cloud Bar

Designed by Michael Trainor, Manchester, UK.

The UKs first permanent cloud watching outpost located in Anderby Creek.   A unique small building made from larch, acrylic and concrete and featuring a cloud-spotting menu, specially designed cloud-viewing seating and self-operating parabolic cloud-mirrors to magic the sky down to the earth.

Recognised by The Cloud Appreciation Society as the world's first "Official Cloud Spotting Area"

Anderby Bird Hide

The Round and Round House (Bird Hide)

Designed by Kingston and Weber of Soma Design, Morecambe, UK

This original small building was selected from the international Bathing Beauties competitions as ideal for the purposes of bird-watching.   It is made from curved laminated plywood.   Accessibility is limited due to its unique location in dunes off the beach and up a narrow wooden pathway.